3 ways to prepare loose leaf tea without a tea strainer

Preparing loose leaf tea without a strainer. No strainer? No worries. So, you’ve been gifted some loose-leaf tea. But you don’t have a tea strainer, so it’s probably back to those plastic containing dusty tea bags and I’ll give…

Batch Tea Christmas Video

Festive cheer with a festive ad! It's time to spread some festive cheer with our first Batch Tea Co Christmas Advert! Eat your hearts out John Lewis. A very merry Christmas from Batch Tea Company. Wishing you a safe, fun & wonderful…

The Ultimate Christmas Drink

We've discovered the ultimate Christmas drink! And, being the kind-hearted souls that we are, we wanted to share it with you! We've been doing a lot of playing around with the London Fog Earl Grey Latte drink, aka The Grey Wizard as served…
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Just What is Liu Bao Tea?

Here at Batch we're big fans of Liu Pao Tea, aka Liu Bao. But not many people in the UK have heard of it. So just what is it? Allow us to explain... What is Liu Pao Tea? Liu Bao, or Liu Pao, tea is a fermented, aged black tea that…