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We’re hiring!

Batch Tea Co are hiring! It’s the classic small business position – We’re at a point where we have to choose: fulfil orders or strategise and market the business. Customers always come first, of course, so business management and growth gets put on the back-burner. So we’re looking for somebody lovely and generally ace to […]

We’re writing a book – but we need YOUR help!

Hello Tea lovers! As you probably know, we’re passionate about tea. We love it. We don’t just drink it, we have fun with it. We experiment with it. We cook with it, bake with it, make soap, candles & more with it. And we even get drunk on it. So, exciting news…


What is a Piao Yi Teapot?

You may have heard of a Piao Yi teapot. You may not. If you love gong fu cha but don’t love carrying a gaiwan round with you, or even bringing out the gaiwan and tea tray every time you want a quick brew, then a Piao Yi might be just the thing for you!


3 ways to prepare loose leaf tea without a tea strainer

Preparing loose leaf tea without a strainer. No strainer? No worries. So, you’ve been gifted some loose-leaf tea. But you don’t have a tea strainer, so it’s probably back to those plastic containing dusty tea bags and I’ll give this to someone I know likes tea, right? Hold it there just one minute, Buster!

The Gift of Tea

The Gift of Tea Tea has long been one of the most popular gifts to give in China. For thousands of years it has been the gift of choice for people in all walks of life, from peasants to emperors, tradesmen to traders and everything in between. Whether it is sharing tea with guests, for […]