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Drinking Tea With a Proper Legend.

As we may have mentioned before, Marc was in Yiwu Mountain, Xishuangbanna, (Yunnan Proivince, China, The World etc…) earlier in the year; one of the 6 famous Pu’er tea producing mountains, and one of famed quality, and also price. Yiwu tea is not cheap. It is known for cradling a complex, sweet flavour, excellent mouthfeel […]

A Street Art Walk Through Sheffield

Following our Tea & Street Art post we thought we’d show you some of the street art you can find around Sheffield, so you get the picture 🙂 These are just a handful of the hundreds of superb pieces adorning the Sheffield landscape, from just a few of the many amazing artists out there. Sorry […]

Tea & Street Art

We love Street Art. We’re lucky enough to be from and live in Sheffield, which we believe has one of the best street art scenes around. The last 10-15 years have seen a surge in the quantity, and quality, of works of street art, through such acclaimed artists as Phlegm – who’s April 2019 exhibition […]


Discovering Yiwu Teas

Discovering Yiwu Teas & a tear inducing price for tea! Last month I was a busy bee in China. Xishuangbanna Region, Yunnan Province, China, to be more specific. As UK Director for Tea Guild International – a partner of Global Tea Fair organisers Huajuchen, in promoting Chinee tea globally – I’m very grateful to be […]

A tea by any other name would smell as sweet

I was chatting about having a tea business to a family friend yesterday and, after broadly describing the selection we have (a couple of really great green teas, a few phenomenal oolong teas, a couple of our own really great blends, and some flavoured teas etc…) and he asked me a question that stopped me […]