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Hello Tea lovers!

As you probably know, we’re passionate about tea. We love it. We don’t just drink it, we have fun with it. We experiment with it. We cook with it, bake with it, make soap, candles & more with it. And we even get drunk on it.

So, exciting news…

We’re writing a book!

We’re working with awesome Sheffield based cookery book specialist Meze Publishing to create a book that helps other tea lovers dive right into their passion, have fun and create outstanding things to enjoy and wow their friends with.

Learn how to make mega cocktails & iced teas, ridiculously good tea doughnuts, amazing meals, Earl Grey soap, or even tea beer!
It will be the perfect gift for yourself, a tea lover, or anyone who loves getting stuck into new things.

We’ve brought in some friends…

To make sure there’s loads of ingenious recipes and projects to try at home, we’re collaborating with a wide variety of amazing individuals and independent businesses across the UK who are contributing their ideas too. They include distillers and brewers, chefs and restaurants, candle companies, tea enthusiasts and even other tea businesses.

Through this book you will discover an array of new ways to use tea. It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker, home cook, crafter or budding mixologist, you won’t be left disappointed.

This book is about experiencing everything tea has to offer. It doesn’t matter where you like to buy your tea, it’s about what you do with it!


As a small company with a big heart and even bigger dreams, sometimes we need help from the community with some of our bigger ideas, and so we are looking to raise a portion of the funds to produce our book via a Crowdfunder campaign – which will open on Friday, May 21st – that’s International Tea Day!

There’s editing and photography to do, not to mention printing and getting the book into your local bookshop! Of course, all of these things cost money.

With your help, we’ll be able to make sure we have the best book ready to hit the shelves later this year – just in time for Christmas!

So please please please PLEASE do get involved and help us achieve this dream. Visit our Crowdfunder page here and help us reach our target.

5 great reasons to get involved in our Crowdfunder!

1) You’ll be ensuring this awesome book can come to life
We really think our book will bring something different to the market. Yes there are other books on tea and even books with tea recipes. But this book will be awesome! Think about how good our teas are. And how good our packaging is. Now put that into a book. Ahh yeahhhhhh…. But seriously, we’re innovating with tea in ways that break the norm and that don’t appear in any other book. Well, those we’ve seen anyway!

2) The Crowdfunder rewards are EPIC
We’ve come up with a number of great packages and rewards as a little thank-you for helping us reach our goal.
Of course you’ll get one of the first copies of the book, hot off the press, but there’s also a selection of great offers ranging from amazing days out with some of our artisan producers to tea courses and even our tea bar at your own event, with a hefty bar tab included.
We have all sorts of BATCH merch too, such as tees, pins, bags and hoodies, not to mention tea and of course the book itself.

3) Be immortalised in print!
All our investors will also have their names immortalised in print, as we’ll be thanking every single contributor in the book.

4) You’ll be helping 2 lovely fellas achieve their dream
We’ve wanted to do this book since long before we even started Batch Tea Co. It’s been a dream we’ve had for 10+ years but we haven’t been able to / known how to go about it. We believe that now is the time and we are working with the perfect publisher to ensure it absolutely rocks.

5) You can get your Christmas shopping done, in May!
Remember that the book and the rewards will make excellent gifts, and will be released just in time for Christmas, so you’re not only helping us but you can buy a couple and smash through your Christmas list at the same time!


Are you just a legend?
Finally, if you wanna be an absolute legend, there’s the option to just stick us a bit of money to basically say good luck and here’s a little something to help you on your way.

Literally anything you guys can give us is crazy helpful and we will be forever grateful. You’re helping us achieve something great and we can’t explain how much it’ll mean to both of us.

We’ll be updating this page with the Crowdfunder URL on Friday 21st May so please make sure you head back here or check our social channels to get your pick of the rewards & help to make this awesome dream come true.

Thank you so much in advance and we hope you enjoy.

Marc & Owen

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