Be published in our book!

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Be published in our book!

You’ve helped us make our book happen. Now we’re offering the chance to be in it!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind, a lot of hard graft and an incredible experience, but we’ve done it! We’re so proud to say that we’ve successfully crowdfunded our book! Woo hoo!

Not only are we proud, but we are incredibly grateful to every single person who pledged, shared a post, told a friend, sent us one of so many heart-warming messages of support or in any way helped us to reach our target. No matter how small.

So, thank you.

And now, onwards!


The thing is, now we CAN do the book, we have to actually DO it! And we’re starting NOW!


How you can be published in our book about tea

We’ve got tons of recipes up our sleeve, and we’re working with loads of great businesses from across the UK to bring together recipes and craft ideas, but that’s not enough for us.

Oh no.

We don’t JUST want them in our book.

We want our tea community in our book!

It’s the tea community who helped make this happen and it’s the tea community who will enjoy the book. So we want the tea community to be a part of the book itself!


That’s right! We want your recipes in our book.


Here’s what we’re doing:

We’re offering space for up to 5 recipes and crafting ideas from the community.

They can be cookery or baking recipes, new ways to drink tea, exciting tea blends, art using tea, crafting ideas, homemade cosmetics recipes… You name it.

For instance:

• Got a great main course that includes tea that you love to make at dinner parties? We want it!
• Got a great cake recipe that includes tea that you love to bake? We want it!
• Got an exciting way to drink tea that we might not have thought of? We want it!

If it’s an interesting and exciting way to use tea that regular folks at home can make, then we want it!

The stipulation is that every recipe must include tea: camellia sinensis. Whilst we’re fans of tisanes / herbal / fruit infusions, this book is about tea so the recipes must contain actual tea.

Who can enter:

Entries can be from individuals, bloggers, companies, chefs, restaurants, fellow tea companies – you can be anyone who has an interesting idea!

Our expert judging panel will then review all entries and choose the recipes to be featured in the book!

What you’ll get in return:
• Well, firstly, of course, you’ll get to see your recipe published in a book that will be available from national and international bookshops!
• You’ll get your own copy of the book to show off to all your friends.
• We’ll feature your name and / or business name, main social media profile and / or website so that people know who provided the recipe and how they can hear more from you!
• We’ll also send you some tea. Because we’re nice like that!

Want to be published in our book? Here’s what to do:

• Come up with your great idea!
• Download the Recipe Guideline Sheet HERE and complete it with your recipe! Include any equipment you’ll need, ingredients and method. For any harder to find ingredients then say where you might find it too.
• Email the completed recipe sheet to before midnight, Tuesday 20th July 2021.

Some basic terms of entry:
We’re not ones for getting bogged down in terms & conditions and the like, but there are some things we have to say.

• Firstly, you must be the creator of the recipe and have intellectual property rights over the recipe (i.e. don’t steal it from somebody else and post it as your own. We could get in trouble and it will ruin everything).
• Obviously if you’re entering a competition to be in our book, you give permission to Batch Tea Company Ltd and Meze Publishing Ltd to use your recipe, name and details provided in the book or in any marketing of that book.
• You agree to us and Meze Publishing Ltd contacting you by email for further information.
• You’re letting us use the recipe because you want to be involved! You won’t be eligible for royalties for payment for using / printing the recipe. You’ll just feel brilliant about being a part of this wonderful book, and that’s enough for anyone! (If it’s not enough and you do want royalties then please don’t enter!)
• You must send your entry to before the deadline above or it won’t count.


Download the Recipe Template


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on and we’ll do our best to answer you as quickly as possible!


Thank you & we look forward to receiving your amazing entries!



Marc & Owen

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