Picture of lemons and "You say lemons we say iced tea"

How to Make Iced Tea at Home

  How to make iced tea at home When life gives you lemons, learn how to make iced tea. In need of a refreshing pick me up for a warm day? Yeah you are! Then read on, tea lover and become an iced-tea-master! Iced tea, or "ice-tea"…
How to get boiling water to 80degC quickly - picture of teapot and cups

How do I get my water to 80°C?

How to get 80°C water, quickly! Green tea needs to be prepared at 80°C you say. White tea at 70°C, you say. Well I haven’t got all day pal. And I haven’t got a kettle that does different temperatures, a thermometer or a load of tea…
Picture of toy wonder woman

Local Heroes… Gettin’ **it done.

Sheffield delivery services, smashing it. We've been blown away by the way independent businesses of Sheffield (and no doubt beyond) have taken this situation by the scruff of its neck and refused to lie down. The spirit of the people…
Batch Experiments Ep 1: Soap Header Image

Adventures in Tea: Earl Grey Tea Soap

Making Soap with Earl Grey Tea Always looking for something fun to do (like we don’t have enough to do), we thought I’d have a dabble with soap! Tea soap, in fact. Earl Grey tea soap in fact. Not the melt and pour stuff you can get with…
Sticky Chai Post header - a cup of traditional Indian masala chai tea
Tea & Prosecco Valentine's Cocktail Header Image

For the lovers: a Valentine’s Tea Cocktail to get you in the mood

Meet me at Sunset - a Valentine's Tea & Prosecco Cocktail. Valentine’s is upon us and that means, well lots of things. But one of those things is the opportunity to impress. Whether it’s early days and you’re wooing, or it’s…
PJ taste Christmas Hamper Tasting Event Header

Two Festive Cocktails (No partridge. No pear tree.)

We're right in the spirit of things here at Batch HQ. And that means we're cracking on with the party cocktails. In case incredible tea just isn't enough, here's how you can mix yours up a little (literally...) So on tonight's menu…
PJ taste Christmas Hamper Tasting Event Header

Christmas Delivery Info

Some handy Christmas Delivery info. If you’re ordering your lovely Batch Tea as a Christmas gift, make sure you order in time! We dispatch all orders via Royal Mail 1st Class, which means the last date we can dispatch for Christmas Delivery*…
Pictures of Batch Tea in the Old House
PJ taste Christmas Hamper Tasting Event Header

Come & try amazing FREE local artisan food & drink

We are unbelievably happy to have been chosen to have our tea in Sheffield's #1 Artisan Hamper and this Wednesday, 20th November, we’ll be a part of the FREE Sheffield Artisan Producers Tasting Event, alongside other local producers, at the…