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Local Heroes… Gettin’ **it done.

Sheffield delivery services, smashing it. We've been blown away by the way independent businesses of Sheffield (and no doubt beyond) have taken this situation by the scruff of its neck and refused to lie down. The spirit of the people…
Pictures of Batch Tea in the Old House
PJ taste Christmas Hamper Tasting Event Header

Come & try amazing FREE local artisan food & drink

We are unbelievably happy to have been chosen to have our tea in Sheffield's #1 Artisan Hamper and this Wednesday, 20th November, we’ll be a part of the FREE Sheffield Artisan Producers Tasting Event, alongside other local producers, at the…
PJ taste Christmas Hamper Tasting Event Header

A Street Art Walk Through Sheffield

Following our Tea & Street Art post we thought we'd show you some of the street art you can find around Sheffield, so you get the picture :) These are just a handful of the hundreds of superb pieces adorning the Sheffield landscape, from…