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What is a Piao Yi Teapot?

You may have heard of a Piao Yi teapot. You may not. If you love gong fu cha but don't love carrying a gaiwan round with you, or even bringing out the gaiwan and tea tray every time you want a quick brew, then a Piao Yi might be just the…
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Just What is Liu Bao Tea?

Here at Batch we're big fans of Liu Pao Tea, aka Liu Bao. But not many people in the UK have heard of it. So just what is it? Allow us to explain... What is Liu Pao Tea? Liu Bao, or Liu Pao, tea is a fermented, aged black tea that…
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Tea Hack: Perfect Chai Lattes at home with a Cafetière

Use a Cafetière to make café-quality frothed milk at home, without any fancy equipment. Chai Lattes are awesome. Kama Sutra Sticky Chai Lattes are awesomer. Wouldn't it be great if you could make café-quality chai lattes at home…
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How to Cold Infuse Tea

How to cold infuse loose leaf tea Cold infused tea is becoming very popular indeed in recent years. And it’s easy to understand why. What better to cool down on a hot day than a refreshing tea drink? And you’ve probably seen the…
How to get boiling water to 80degC quickly - picture of teapot and cups

How do I get my water to 80°C?

How to get 80°C water, quickly! Green tea needs to be prepared at 80°C you say. White tea at 70°C, you say. Well I haven’t got all day pal. And I haven’t got a kettle that does different temperatures, a thermometer or a load of tea…