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If you’re here, that probably means you’re the lucky buyer, or recipient, of some of our Masala Chai mix – Kama Sutra Sticky Chai.

Woo hoo!

It might also mean that you’re looking for inspiration to get the best possible results. Well. Hopefully that’s what we can do.

What’s Sticky Chai then? Traditional Indian Chai Wallah

Chai, or more properly Masala Chai, just means “spiced tea”. It is a hot, sweet and spicy milk tea which is served all over India, most famously from carts on the street by chai wallahs, or “tea boys”.

Whilst the recipe varies from region to region, the core ingredients of the masala, or spice mix, are cardamom, clove, cinnamon and ginger. However, there are often additional spices included such as black pepper, fennel, star anise and the like.

We love India. We love Masala Chai.

We’ve had difficulty finding anything in the UK that compares to it, so we made our own!

What’s the “Sticky” all about? Photo of kama sutra sticky chai ingredients

Our ‘Chai’ is blended with honey, making it, you’ve guessed it, sticky. This gives sweetness without the need for additional sugar and as well as acting as a presertative, also has the added health benefits from this wonderful, all-natural ingredient”.

Please note, honey can crystallise, especially when stored at low temperatures, which might mean your sticky chai hardens. Fear not! It may not look as pretty but it is completely fine and sure still tastes as pretty!

Have it your way…

The beauty of our chai mix though is that, you can make it your way! If you like it the traditional way, great! Grab a pan and let’s go. If you like the modern chai style then go the steeping option. If you like it more subtle like you might find a chai latte in a cafe, grab a milk frother.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to make Kama Sutra Sticky Chai; as we always like to say, the best way to make tea is how you like it.

But here are a few method suggestions:

THE TRADITIONAL METHOD Making Masala Chai in a pan

Take yourself away to India!

For a more authentic chai-wallah experience use the traditional method of steeping the chai in a pan, as follows. It takes a little longer, but makes for a real Masala Chai experience. We made Kama Sutra Sticky Chai with this method in mind, and we just love the way it turns out.

What you’ll need

Makes 1 lovely, steamy, creamy mug of chai:

  • A pan
  • A hob
  • 2 heaped teaspoons Kama Sutra Sticky Chai
  • 150ml water
  • 150ml milk / milk alternative (oat or sweetened soya milk work well but full fat cow’s milk delivers a particularly yummy, creamy drink. Experiment!)
  • A little sugar to taste (totally optional – we like to add half a teaspoon afterwards)
  • A tea strainer (or even small sieve will do.)
  • Your favourite mug
  • A little “me time”

How you do it

  • Bring 150ml water to the boil in a pan (or use 150ml from a freshly boiled kettle)
  • Add your Kama Sutra Sticky Chai mix to the boiling water & turn the heat off
  • Leave to infuse for 4-5 minutes. (nb. the actual time is up to you but we think this makes for a fuller flavour)
  • Add 150ml cold milk or milk alternative and bring gently back to the boil. Keep a watchful eye! When it goes it can quickly boil over!
  • When it’s starting to bubble, take off the heat and leave to infuse for a few more minutes. The longer you leave it the longer the spices have to infuse. Also, allowing it to cool a little will bring out  more of the spice flavours (and avoid burning your mouth!)
  • Strain into your favourite mug and add a little more sweetener if you like. Traditional Indian Masala Chai is very sweet. Our isn’t quite as sweet but you can always add your own.
  • Sit back & enjoy!


Like you would steep any loose leaf black tea, just pop your Kama Sutra Sticky Chai into a strainer or DIY teabag and drop into 100°c water. Let it steep for a few minutes to let all those yummy spices infuse with the Hathikuli Assam tea & sweet honey.

For a regular mug you might want to use around 2 heaped teaspoons of chai. We like to add milk to ours.

We use this method to enjoy Kama Sutra Sticky Chai more quickly or for a more full-on spice hit!


If you have a milk steamer / frother, then you can make your chai barista style! You can froth your milk and chai all together for a more traditional style result (Quick Traditional Chai, below), or go Chai Latte style.

1) Quick Traditional Chai

A quicker method of achieving a traditional style.

A little more subtle, but creamy and sweet, you’ll steep the tea in a little water, add your milk and use a milk steamer to froth the whole lot up into a beautiful, frothy, creamy chai.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 heaped tspns Kama Sutra Sticky Chai
  • 150ml freshly boiled water
  • 150 cold milk or milk alternative
  • A milk jug
  • A milk steamer
  • A tea strainer
  • Your favourite mug
  • Tastebuds to tantalise

The Method 

  • Add a little hot water to your milk jug to heat it a little
  • Pour 150ml freshly boiled water into your jug
  • Add 2 heaped teaspoons Kama Sutra Sticky Chai to the jug and swill round to separate the leaves and get it going
  • Leave to infuse for 2 or so minutes (leave longer for a stronger infusion)
  • Add 150ml milk or alternative to the jug
  • Steam / froth it all together until it roughly doubles in volume with a lovely creamy head
  • Leave for a minute or 1 to infuse further
  • Strain into a mug.
  • It’s worth noting that the foam is the most delicious thing you’ll eat, probably, like, ever. So grab a teaspoon and enjoy a mouthful or spoon on to the top of your chai.
Photo of Kama Sutra Sticky Chai in the milk frother
Photo of Kama Sutra Sticky Chai in the milk frother
Kama Sutra Sticky Chai with milk steamer


2) Chai Latte

If you like a chai latte, like you’ll find in cafes up & down the UK, then that you shall have! This option steeps chai in a little hot water and adds frothed milk on top. A creamier but more subtly flavoured drink.

But still totally yum.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 heaped tspns Kama Sutra Sticky Chai
  • 75-100ml freshly boiled water
  • 200-250 cold milk or milk alternative
  • A milk jug
  • A milk steamer
  • Sugar or sweet alternative (we’re fans of agave!)
  • A tea strainer
  • Your favourite mug
  • Another cup / pot to steep the tea in

The Method 

  • Pop your 2 heaped teaspoons Kama Sutra Sticky Chai into a cup or pot and add your boiling water. Give it a swill round to separate the leaves and get it going
  • Leave to infuse a couple of minutes
  • Pour your milk / alternative into your milk jug
  • Steam / froth your milk until it you get a lovely frothy head
  • Strain the infused tea into your mug
  • Pour on your lovely frothy milk
  • Sweeten if desired and enjoy

Have Your Say…

Have you tried Kama Sutra Sticky Chai? What did you think?

Which method did you try? Tried them all? Which was your favourite?

Let us know, comment below!

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Happy drinking! x