We’re hiring!

Batch Tea Co are hiring!

It’s the classic small business position – We’re at a point where we have to choose: fulfil orders or strategise and market the business. Customers always come first, of course, so business management and growth gets put on the back-burner.

So we’re looking for somebody lovely and generally ace to join us on initially a part-time basis, with a couple of shifts per week to help us pack tea, fulfill eCommerce and wholesale orders, stock-take, help out with admin tasks, keep organised and generally take the load off so we can focus on growing our business.

Although it’s initially a couple of shifts per week of around 3-5 hours each, we want this to increase.

And we don’t just want somebody to come in, pack tea and go. We want somebody who’s looking to improve the business processes, for business development opportunities and for other ways to get involved to grow the business.

Then, as the business grows, so does the job and so does your involvement 🙂

We’re quite flexible about the arrangements and working times. We just want the right person so, if you think you’re it, please do get in touch.

Either email a brief CV and covering letter explaining your suitability to hello@batchtea.co.uk with subject: “Batch Tea PT Job Application” or, if you have any questions about us / the job / anything else, then please email with subject: “Batch Tea PT Job Query”.

Full / more formal info below:

About Batch Tea Co
Batch Tea Co are a small, artisan tea company in Sheffield who aim to shake things up. We source teas directly from estates in producing regions and create all our own blends.

We’re passionate about high quality, sustainable tea and we want to share our love with the world.
We love making friends and love to collaborate with other small local businesses and crafters to create exciting products for tea lovers and anyone we can get into tea!

Recent collaborations include: Artisan Tea Gin with Cuckoostone Distillery, Reaper Earl Grey Beer with Abbeydale Brewery, a book with Meze Publishing and we have some exciting colabs coming up in 2022.

About the job

Job title: Operations Assistant (Part-time)
Pay: Sheffield Living Wage with potential to increase based on job role development.
Hours: We’re looking for someone to work with us run the day-to-day activities of our business in Sheffield on a part-time basis – 1-2 shifts per week initially – with potential to increase in the future with business growth. We can be flexible about when your hours are fulfilled, but ideally shifts would take place Monday and Thursday.

Initially the role will include:
• Blending and packing tea for orders and events
• Fulfilling eCommerce orders
• Fulfilling wholesale orders for delivery outside Sheffield
• Delivering Sheffield wholesale orders on time and in a friendly manner
• Taking deliveries and arranging items in the warehouse ready for order fulfillment
• Photographing new stock lines for website
• Attending events such as farmer’s markets
• Other tasks as required

For the right person, we would love to see this role develop into a core part of our business, handling the above tasks without supervision, assisting with business development, marketing, other core areas of the business and identifying business improvement opportunities for the business.

This is a role that you can really make your own and grow with the business.

Person Specification
Our ideal candidate:
• Is outgoing, friendly and approachable
• Loves helping customers
• Has experience working in an eCommerce business
• Is organised and able to prioritise tasks
• Will passionately and enthusiastically work to high standards to ensure the success of the business
• Can work on their own diligently and always to a very high standard
• Works according to processes but who likes to contribute ideas and make a real difference to the business
• Is available 1-2 days per week initially, but would be looking to potentially increase this over time
• Is keen to work with a small blossoming business and grow with the business, with a genuine sense of ownership
• Ideally has a keen interest in tea, or at least high-quality food and drink products

Training & Development
Continuous improvement is vital to a small business like ours and so we are committed to high levels of learning and development throughout the business.

Training and development of team members is very important to us to ensure that, not only are we developing your skills and knowledge as a team member and as a person, but so that our high standards can be consistently met and that you have the ability to understand our offering and discuss our range effectively with customers and clients.

We also believe that learning isn’t a one-way path and in the importance of learning from our team members.

On-the-job Training
As genuine tea experts, we are able to offer, via on-the-job training, a wealth of knowledge on our subject area, as well as the opportunity to grow and develop with the business, taking on additional roles & responsibilities to develop skills as a small business manager.
Formal training
Additionally, for the right candidate, we will sponsor certain tea-based qualifications to develop and formally recognise your knowledge and experience in the industry.
Application Process
We will use the following process to hire our employee:
Application > Shortlisting > In-person interviews > Paid Trial Shift > Job Offer

Please email a brief CV and covering letter explaining your suitability to hello@batchtea.co.uk with subject: “Batch Tea PT Job Application”. If you have any questions then please email with subject: “Batch Tea PT Job Query”.

We will respond to your application within 1 week by email. No closing date as such – we’ll just announce when we’ve found someone – so just get your application in!

We look forward to meeting you!

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