Sticky Chai Post header - a cup of traditional Indian masala chai tea

You know how it is.

You’re about town. It’s a bit chilly. Maybe even a bit grey and damp. You’ve been on your feet too long and your head is fried from a meeting / long week / dealing with an idiot.

You need a nice place to sit, relax and warm up with a nice chai latte.

You find a cute little café. It’s gorgeous. A photo of a great looking cafe on a grey day

✔ Cool tables
✔ Comfy chairs
✔ Ambient lighting
✔ Pleasant greenery
✔ Bearded and tattooed hipster waiter

You: “Do you serve chai latte?”
Hipster waiter: “Yeah. Course. Take a seat, I’ll bring it over”.


It arrives.
✔ Frothy
✔ Hot
✔ Nice mug
✔ Smells like vanilla
✔Tastes like hot ice cream
✔ Served with little amaretti biscuit

Wait! Smells like Vanilla? Tastes like hot ice cream?? What the hell did you order?

And so it begun.

That’s what we’ve found. Chai / chai lattes in cafes are either some kind of boxed mass produced tea bag, heavily vanilla essence flavoured to mask the lack of toasted spice, steeped with frothed milk poured over, or a powdered ‘chai latte’ mix, which, if you dare look at the ingredients, does not resemble a traditional chai in any way*.

*Unless traditional chai contains lots of things like hydrogenated vegetable oil, emulsifiers, preservatives and stuff. We don’t think it does.


We love India. We’ve been there loads. We love chai. The real stuff. That tastes like tea with spices and loads of sugar.

So, after not being able to find a decent chai anywhere, we set about making our own. We’ve both always made our own at home anyway, and it’s always been alright. But we care not for ‘alright’. We care only for ‘superb’, ‘fantastic’, ‘f*ck me that’s amazing’ etc. And so should you.

So that’s what we made.

And we called it Kama Sutra Sticky Chai.

What the…? Why…?

Quite. Let us explain. We called it that because:
✔ It’s sticky
✔ It’s sweet – though not sweet like the stuff in India – we had to compromise somewhere. Just sweet enough.
✔ It’s spicy, through all those Indian spices that we lovingly toast to make each small batch.
✔ It’s so good it’s sexy.

Photo of Kama Sutra Sticky Chai in the milk frother

OK, so the name might be a bit Marmite.

We get quite a few comments about the name, some LOVE it, some aren’t convinced – at first anyway! And tbh we’re not quite sure yet that it was the right decision.

So, in the spirit of interactivity, we’re being super generous & giving you some options for what to do next:

  • Let us know what you think about the name: Comment below 👇 or email us at
  • Comment below 👇 if the above ‘chai disappointment’ outlined above has happened to you.
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Thanks! x